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In Karachi, we offer professional AC maintenance, installation, and repair services for both commercial and residential properties. Our commitment is to provide exceptional value for money, ensuring ongoing support for AC service and maintenance, including emergency repairs.

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Karachi, known for its scorching summers and high humidity, demands reliable air conditioning systems to beat the heat. Whether you need AC repair, installation, or maintenance services, finding the right professionals in this bustling city can be a challenge.

Understanding the Need for AC Service in Karachi

Insufficient Cooling: Causes and Solutions

One of the most common problems faced by AC owners in Karachi is insufficient cooling. If your AC fails to cool your room adequately, several factors may be at play. Blocked air filters, dirty condenser coils, or a defective compressor can all contribute to this issue.

To address these problems, it is crucial to have skilled and professional AC technicians who can clean the debris from the air filters and condenser coils.

They can also access and repair any issues with the compressor, ensuring optimal cooling performance.

AC Leakage: Causes and Remedies

AC leakage can be a frustrating problem that leads to water dripping inside your room. This issue is often caused by a blocked condensate line, where insects, debris, and mold can accumulate, obstructing the flow of evaporated water. Regular cleaning and servicing of the condensate line can prevent water jamming and subsequent leakage. It is essential to address this problem promptly to avoid further damage to your AC system and maintain a comfortable indoor environment.

Strange Sounds and Foul Odors: Indicators of AC Issues

If your AC system is producing strange sounds or emitting foul odors, it is essential to investigate the underlying causes. The sounds could be a result of a malfunctioning compressor, low refrigerant levels, or a faulty fan. Similarly, foul odors may indicate mold formation in the drainage area of your AC. Prompt attention to these issues can help prevent further damage and ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor environment.

Importance of AC Service in Karachi

A professionally installed air conditioning system can have a significant impact on your comfort and energy efficiency. When considering AC installation in Karachi, it is crucial to choose reliable technicians who have experience working with various AC brands and models. Proper installation ensures optimal performance and longevity of your AC unit, reducing the risk of breakdowns and the need for frequent repairs. Trustworthy AC installation services can guide you in selecting the right AC system for your space and install it efficiently, saving you time and effort.

The Significance of AC Maintenance

Regular AC maintenance is vital to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Neglecting maintenance can lead to decreased cooling performance, increased energy consumption, and potential system failures. In a city like Karachi, where air conditioners are heavily used, periodic maintenance is even more critical. It is recommended to have your AC serviced at least twice a year, preferably during the off-season when technicians are readily available. AC maintenance includes tasks such as cleaning air filters, inspecting and cleaning condenser coils, checking refrigerant levels, and lubricating moving parts. By investing in preventive maintenance, you can extend the lifespan of your AC unit, improve its performance, and save on energy costs.

Karachi AC Service Charges:

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Serial NumberServicesCharges
1For 1 Ton:
Leak Repair, Master Service & Gas Charge
2For 1.5 Ton:
Leak Repair, Master Service & Gas Charge
3Inspection or Survey300/-
4General Service (1 to 2 Ton)1,200/-
5Master Service (1 to 2 Ton)2,000/-
6Master Service (4 Ton)4,250/-
7AC Installation (1 to 2 Ton)2,500/-
8Removing AC1,200/-
9Cooling Coil Repairing (1 to 2 Ton)
Master Service compulsory
10Cooling Coil Repairing (4 Ton)
Master Service compulsory
11PCB / Circuit Repairing (1 to 4 Ton) Inverter7,550/-
12PCB / Circuit Repairing (1 to 4 Ton) Non-Inverter3,550/-
13Condenser Repair (1 to 2 Ton)
Master Service compulsory
14Split AC U bend Replacement (All)2,250/-
15Non-Inverter Gas Charging 1 / 1.5 Ton4,000/- (1 Ton) 4,500/- (1.5 Ton)
16Gas Charging 2 Ton7,000/- (Inverter / Non Inverter)
17Inverter Gas Charging 1 / 1.5 Ton4,000/- (1 Ton) 4,500/- (1.5 Ton)


To a certain extent, you should be able to get an idea about what type of air conditioner is right for you based on the size of the space you need to cool. However, our technicians have years of experience working with air conditioners and are a good resource when you are trying to make this type of determination. We can help you figure out both what type of system you will need and how powerful you need it to be.

If your air conditioning system does not seem to working like it used to, it may be worth looking into a replacement. While you may be put off a bit by the costs of air conditioning replacement, there is actually a lot to be gained by transitioning to a newer model.

Of course, if your current system is not working properly and you are going to have to pay to repair it anyway, it often makes financial sense just to get a new one. Rather than paying for extensive repairs on an older system, you will probably be better off replacing your older system with a newer, more energy efficient model. The monthly energy savings alone can make it worth the transition.

As long as you have it installed properly and take good care of it, any new air conditioning system should last for at least 10 years. Most of the newer models will last up to 15 years as long as regular cleaning and maintenance are performed properly.

Just like anything else, an air conditioning system needs to be kept clean and otherwise well maintained. You can take care of some of this basic cleaning on your own, but to really extend the life of your equipment, it is a good idea to hire a professional service to carry out annual maintenance checks. The maintenance service that we offer consists of a full inspection and thorough cleaning. In addition, our technicians will carry out any necessary repairs and replace worn out parts to keep your air conditioning system functioning smoothly for years to come.

Most manufacturers recommend having your air conditioning system serviced 4 times a year. These visits allow technicians to clean and inspect all parts of the system and perform any necessary repairs. They keep systems functioning much more efficiently and can help to extend the life of the entire system.

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